Organic search is a major driver of traffic for most websites on retail chain shopping business, but search insight goes far beyond how much traffic we’re getting from Google. Search data can be used to evaluate competitors and help influence new content development. Content that is built based on what people are searching for has an opportunity to rank, but moreover it directly addresses topics that are of popular interest. This allows a brand to speak to use an educated standpoint to provide information that people are seeking.

But additional avenues of search also provide opportunities to learn and reach customers. Internal site search helps us evaluate what people are looking for from a specific brand. This can guide new product decisions or influence the way existing products and content are presented.

Also, searches are being conducted every day in social media and Amazon. Facebook profiles, Twitter and Instagram content and even Amazon storefronts can be optimized to help users find what you’re posting. As with all of SEO, there’s a need for balance between messaging and keyword uses, but keyword research has a place in profile creation for more than just Google.

The blend of insights from those on the panel offered multiple perspectives on the transformation of retail as we know it. While there were many overlapping themes, one constant among those present was the resounding importance of passion. Yes, buyers become passionate about the brand they love and that fosters loyalty. But as brands, you must continue to be passionate about what you’re doing. In order to flourish, not just survive, a retailer can embrace changes in data, mobile and search while still making the heart of the brand the beating center of their success.

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