The entertainment sector has been one of the sectors to become ruthlessly competitive, highly saturated and remarkably sophisticated at an alarmingly astounding rate. A major chunk of this change can be attributed to the mainstream adoption of the internet and its increasing usage in aiding decision-making. Especially, from a consumer perspective. The entertainment sector seems to be one which has drastically transformed due to digital. Granted that the marketing techniques haven’t completely turned digital and although traditional marketing methods are still existent and get the job done, the fact that more and more consumers are turning to the internet and online media to make appropriate entertainment related decisions simply cannot be ignored. Traditional media is losing consumers while digital media is gaining.

Hence we can summarize that Entertainment sector is an ever evolving sector and directly influence the growth of a nation. Similar to the other areas, even entertainment sector has been undergoing a lot of changes due to the introduction of digital technology. Although entertainment brands are continuing to promote themselves through traditional ads and banners, nevertheless, they have realized the potentials of digital marketing to make impact their target audience on a larger scale.

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