If you plan on utilizing digital marketing for restaurants, you’ll definitely need to stay updated on the best practices and strategies. We have just that for you today!

Our experts at Right SEO Solutions have worked with many restaurant owners and managers as clients. And we have developed a solid strategy over time for digital marketing for restaurants.

So what is the recipe for success when it comes to digital marketing for restaurants? Most cooks don’t like to share their recipes, but this one is too good not share!

Social Media Management

At Right SEO Solutions, we’ve found the best practice for posting content comes in threes.

  • brand posts
  • sell posts
  • share posts

What exactly does this entail?

Brand posts are pieces of content that have a primary objective of engagement. These posts can be anything from motivational quotes to contests and giveaways to reviews and testimonials.

Brand posts commonly ask a question or seek to interact with the audience in some way. They are relevant to your business and generally include a call to action. Such as “tag a friend,” “comment and let us know below,” or other calls for engagement.

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